Reveal, Assess, Empower

At Stema Security, we offer comprehensive security and threat assessments to help organizations identify and mitigate potential risks and vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations.

During our assessments, we conduct on-site visits, carefully examining the premises to identify any potential weaknesses or gaps in security. We assess the effectiveness of existing security protocols and procedures, evaluate the adequacy of security systems and technologies in place, and review the overall security posture of the local asset or the organization as a whole.

What we offer

  • Comprehensive security assessments for local assets and organizations to identify and mitigate risks and vulnerabilities
  • Assessments conducted for factories, offices, hotels and other facilities and institutions to evaluate security measures
  • Areas covered include physical security, access control systems, surveillance systems, operational security guidelines and employee training
  • On-site visits to identify weaknesses, evaluate existing security protocols, and review overall security posture
  • Thorough threat assessments conducted to analyze potential risks from internal and external factors
  • Security penetration tests to control if security protocols are functioning, understood and enforced
  • Detailed reports provided with findings and practical recommendations for enhancing security measures
  • Recommendations tailored to each client's specific needs, objectives, and budget considerations