An event is not over until everyone is tired of talking about it

- Mason Cooley

Stema has extensive experience in event security, having successfully managed large-scale gatherings with several thousand participants. Our track record includes handling VIPs and governmental officials, ensuring their safety and maintaining a secure environment in partnership with police, military and close-protection units.

We understand the unique challenges associated with both low- and high-profile events and possess the expertise to deliver effective security solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each occasion.

What we offer

  • Expert guidance in planning and seamlessly integrating security and safety measures into your event planning and execution.
  • Dedicated security advisors present at your event, overseeing all security functions and serving as liaisons between stakeholders, security guard force, and law enforcement bodies
  • Comprehensive threat assessments of the event, identifying potential risks and providing actionable insights to enhance security preparedness
  • Collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders to align security strategies, optimize resources, and ensure effective communication throughout the event.